Monday’s miniml meandering with Roderick Jayne, Nicolas de Zorzi and Wayne Rowand #ambient #electronic #downtempo #idm

A triple treat this Monday with a minimal air to the trio of electronic offerings from Roderick Jayne, Nicolas de Zorzi and Wayne Rowand.

Roderick Jane first with the organic and slowly unfolding Distant Oncoming Lights. Taken from the album Music for the Quiet Highway, this is a stately, sweet tune. No rough edges here. Everything is smooth and almost aqueous as the synths ripple around. A beautifully constructed tune.

The album

Next Nicolas de Zorzi from Lille, France. He comes over a bit like early The Orb or Mixmaster Morris on his 70s minimalist, Terry Riley inspired tune Analog. More rippling sounds dominate alongside the quiet wheeze of a drone synth. But this also has dance floor ambitions in the way that it offers some optimistic peaks and handclaps that can’t help but bring a smile to your face. Lovely.

And finally, from West Virginia comes Wayne Rowand and Orbits (Reimagined). Quite what it’s been reimagined from I don’t know. But this is perfect ambient drone symphonic. So hard to get right this finds a perfect balance between held tones and shifting colours and moods. A tune that in its quiet way makes you stop and stare into the middle distance. 25 minutes where the world can just wait. Available as name your price.


~ by acidted on February 12, 2018.

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