Deep house with Andrew James and Alex Wilcox #deephouse #house #electronic

Two deep house tracks from Andrew James and Alex Wilcox but taking different paths.

Andrew James from the US offers Whitescape. I don’t know if this is consciously done or simply me but this really sounds like The Box era Orbital. And I mean that as a compliment. A gorgeous bank of synths whirrs away joyously. A lifting of the soul. Andrew says “Whitescape explores the dichotomy between presence and absence; one that is sometimes overdramatized today.” For me this track is all about the here and now. The moment of existence.

Alex Wilcox is in the here and now. But in a political sense. As the image accompanying the track attests, he’s not a Trump fan. The track is Two Corinthians. Named after a little known (to me) gaff from Trump on the campaign trail when trying to woo the evangelical right wing. He explains “I made this track because I felt like it. It’s called “Two Corinthians,” because it’s part of an EP called “Donald Trump Is a Piece of Shit.” At one point, Trump referred to “Second Corinthians,” a book in the bible, as “Two Corinthians.” I wanted Christians who see this track title to remember that Trump doesn’t know shit about the religion he claims to be such a big fan of.

The track has a bit of the deadmau5 to the stabbing of the synths. Eventually one breaks free to provide a lead line full of wonder and a spectral drum pattern accompanies. There’s almost a dub sensibility going on here. But ultimately it’s a progressive delight.

~ by acidted on March 16, 2018.

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