Drop Frame – Turing Test #drumandbass #dnb #electronic

Drum and bass from Drop Frame giving us the chance to muse on the nature of intelligence or consciousness.

Alan Turing’s 1950 test for machine intelligence is largely what still governs AI and its interaction with humans. But does it also apply to music? Given the limited number of notes and the repetitive pattern of much of Western music it shouldn’t be too difficult to get a machine to produce hit after hit. Simon Cowell may even now be doing so. How are we to judge that his production line tracks aren’t all algorithmically churned out?

Either way Turing Test is the track from Australia’s Drop Frame. It starts off in a halftime vein of creaking drum and bass dystopia before breaking free of that artificial constraint to let the beats run free. Synths offer a contrast to the dystopian creaking of the early sections without ever quite dispelling the feelings of lingering anxiety.

The track is taken from Hypercolour

~ by acidted on March 17, 2018.

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