Light Pluck is Hideous To Us #chill #techno #electronic

Light Pluck is Hideous To Us are today’s offerings. Two tracks combining in a curious sentence. The genres are far apart – chill and techno – but there’s something sweetly uplifting about both.

JoyR3myo from Lithuania first with Light Pluck and a chilled tune that’s so cute it could be a cuddly toy. If it isn’t too off-putting there’s something of a Mozart sonata about the approach here. The pluck offers all manner of drawing room uplifting pleasures.

Next, Casi todos los males from Argentina with some classic acid techno that warm the cockles of an old man’s heart. Hideous To Us takes you back to the start of techno with its electronic acid burblings. This could be a bit of flashback track but half way through it changes up into a spiraling melodic whorl that ups the positivity to 11.

Taken from the release Recycled available on Bandcamp at name your price:

~ by acidted on March 24, 2018.

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