Saturday night melancholy with CG Prod, daisily and WayPastOne

It’s Saturday night. If you’re up for dancing, good for you. I’m not. Just a melancholic snuggle into the ambient electronic security blanket with CG Prod, daisily and WayPastOne.

CG Prod is Camilo Gómez, based in Los Angeles and Know You is a sophisticated piece of chill. THe downtempo electronics are – unusually for me – accompanied by a rather beautifully midnight vocal from Anna Khachikyan. THe repeated ‘take my time’ refrain simply adds to the wonderfully languid feel of the track, full of throbbing Rhodes and pitter patter beats and more than a little sultry sex appeal.

daisily, also from the USA, gives us patron of the academy of LESS FEEL. A bit like his previous one, this has lazy guitar and electronics in a hushed framework. At a smidge under two minutes it’s really too short. But equally too gorgeous not to post. Float on indeed.

And finally WayPastOne with Goodnight Ambleside (1am Edition). WayPastOne is from Canada, so I’m not sure what the connection is with the Cumbrian town. Maybe it’s the Ambleside in BC. Either way, this is a lovely late night tale. WayPastOne says it is “A little mixture of ambience and progressive house.” That’s pretty much right. But the ambinece holds a greater sway than the progressive house. This is music to sit down and enjoy, not get up and dance. The held strings hold you in your chair, despite the uplifting synths trying to do otherwise. And that tension, hwich lies at the heart of teh track, makes this a rather fabulous proposition.

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~ by acidted on March 31, 2018.

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