Gadget and the Cloud on “the feelings of missed opportunity and the loneliness that can come from a party lifestyle” #electronic #lofi #house

We’ve had a few posts from gadget and the cloud (aka Kelly Doherty) since the first a year ago. Now she’s ready with her debut album – Songs For Sad People To Dance To. A lo fi dance gem for the sad and lonely at the end of the night.

Resisting the urge to ask her about why she ended the title on a preposition, I thought we’d ask her about her music and Ireland’s forthcoming Referendum on the 8th Amendment.

1. How the devil are you and what’s the weather like in Cork?
I’m good! Nervous out about the album being out in the public ears but still upbeat about the fact that people are listening to my tunes. The weather in Cork is literally the most mysterious thing in the world right now as we seem to be wildly swaying between snow and rain and sun but it definitely makes you sit inside and work on music.

2. How did you get into music?
I actually started off as a music journalist for a pop punk website back when I was 15 years old and it’s been a love affair ever since. After a while I expanded my horizons beyond the emo scene and ended up being obsessed with the work of artists like Jon Hopkins & Burial. I had played a few instruments over the years but the creative process never really seemed to stick with me but then when I started producing mostly by chance, I absolutely fell in love with making electronic music in all its forms.

3. What’s the music scene like where you are?
Cork is actually hopping with music at the moment. We’ve a wonderful DIY electronic scene building at the moment with collectives like Sesh FM & Flood and artists like ELLL, African Fiction, JarJarJr, SYN, NumberTheory, Doubt, Superficie and so many more doing amazing work. It feels like almost everyone you meet at a gig or a clubnight is working on or involved with music in some way. There’s a great spirit of collaboration and support and whilst our scene might be small on a national/international level, it’s definitely strong and ready to explode given a little time.

4 Who are your Heros and Sheros?
In terms of music, my biggest influences would be Jon Hopkins, Four Tet, Burial, Ricky Eat Acid and all of the folks holding it down for slightly miserable electronic music. Throw in Karl Marx, Kevin Abstract and Princess Nokia and I think that’s all the main components of my life influences covered.

5. What’s the ambition behind the album?
With the album I wanted to capture the emotions someone goes through at the end of a big night out – the lows of returning back to your mundane daily life, the feelings of missed opportunity and the loneliness that can come from a party lifestyle. I viewed the album more as a continuous sound journey rather than a selection of songs, if that makes sense. It’s more of a journey into orthodox beats and electronic music that some of my previous work and I wanted to develop that alongside working developing aural atmospheres and feelings. I feel like it really captured a certain time in my life and it gave me the ability to close the doors on those feelings.

6. What’s your forecast for the referendum on the 8th amendment?
I’m cautiously optimistic that we’re going to vote yes. I’ve been pro-repeal for as long as I can remember understanding the issue as a young girl growing up in Ireland and it’s so important to make that change and recognise the rights and safety of our whole population rather than shipping our problems out to other countries. The 8th amendment has hurt anyone with the capacity to be pregnant for years and it’s time that we address that and progress forward by actually providing the supports needed to look after our citizens.

7. What does the future hold for you?
More music! I’m working on a soon to be released project with a spoken word artist around the Repeal referendum which we’re hoping will be available as soon as possible. Aside from that, I’m going to keep playing shows and do what I love.

The album is a delicate joy. It delivers on her promise that it will cover “the emotions someone goes through at the end of a big night out – the lows of returning back to your mundane daily life.” Not quite ambient and not quite downtempo house of the Jon Hopkins variety, it’s a bit more esoteric than that with angular elements that don’t allow comfortable settling down in your onesie.

Opener 3600 seconds is in many ways an almost beatless ambient tune, full of rippling tones and bits of bongo. But there remains a sense of anticipation that breaks through at the half way mark to offer some almost dance floor house hints before fading again. Melting is a wheezy, popping IDM end of the night deflation.

Always is a game of two halves. The first is a buzzing sense of anticipation that comes on like the start of a techno stormer before spiraling into a techno closer section without the big beats in the middle. The sense of loss is almost palpable.

Uplifting cuteness is on offer with So Shy. Yes, it’s all still downtempo but there’s a sly look through the fringe and the tune’s a bit of a cutie. The pleasures of being alone. Things go full speed into reverse as Continue does nothing of the sort. It retreats into an ambient IDM shell and resolutely refuses to come out. This Year continues in that vein.

The album closes with And I Told You Something True. A lo fi electronic encapsulation of everything introverted about the album. You know, why go clubbing? Cut out the middle man and stay in with this album. You’ll be the sadder but the better for it.

~ by acidted on April 1, 2018.

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