Aardonyx – Drift #dnb #liquiddnb #drumandbass

Boom! Some more delightful liquid drum and bass from Aardonyx on the always excellent Detached Audio label.

Aardonyx (Afrikaans aard, “earth” + Greek onux, “nail, claw”) is a genus of prosauropod dinosaur. Nothing prehistoric about this track – Drift. An upbeat but beats focused liquid drum and bass tune. Synths run riot colourfully but this doesn’t forget the beats are key. They remain forward at all times giving the track a wonderful depth and grounded feel.

The track is taken from the Shadow Tactics EP

Blurb: Detached Audio proudly welcomes Aardonyx to the label, who present their debut EP with us. After having appeared on BBC Music Introducing, as well as previously releasing on Atmomatix Records, NuVenture Records and Figment Records, Aardonyx are making serious moves, and here they present four tracks which showcase their versatile sound while retaining their unmistakable vibe.
Starting us off is title track ‘Shadow Tactics’ – a pristine slice of dancefloor Drum & Bass. Catchy uplifting hooks are backed with deep pads and rolling basslines to create a track which is simply infectious. ‘Drift’ follows this with a showcase of arpeggio synths and sweeping pads that give way to an astronomical track, packing the perfect balance between raw power and emotion.
Bringing the tempo ‘Down’ a notch, Aardonyx exhibits a new side, while encompassing the consistent sound they have displayed thus far. Minimal drums and roaring basslines are accompanied by a sinister spoken vocal in this autonomic track, smoothly leading into ‘Near Miss’ to take the tempo back up for another track which can illuminate any dancefloor.
Finally, jumping straight from the success of his “Starscape” EP, K2T rounds off Aardonyx’s EP by giving the title track a fresh spin, while still respectfully paying homage to the original. By repitching Aardonyx’s sound and highlighting the piano, K2T has turned ‘Shadow Tactics’ into a jazzier track, with finger snapping percussion and funky basslines.

~ by acidted on April 2, 2018.

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