Ambient three ways with Introspective Sounds, Poztman and Sebastian Davidson #ambient #electronic #chill

A trio of ambient tunes from Introspective Sounds, Poztman and Sebastian Davidson.

Introspective Sounds first with, appropriately enough, the most minimal of the three. Transitions is a fragile introspective tune, full of held tones. At only three minutes its over too soon. There’s an almost choral church music feel to the way that the delicate sounds are handled. Everything is held together with gossamer threads.

France’s Poztman offers the Japanese delights of Shinrinyoku. Poztman says thi is “inspired by the Japanese practice of soaking in the atmosphere of a forest, i.e. “forest bathing”.” Taken from his Komorebi EP this tune had wood block beats, some heft bass and flute-like synths. The whole thing drives by on an ominous bass that gives this a more ultimately dystopian feel than the intro might otherwise suggest.

Komorebi EP

Finally, the more uptempo and positive delights of Alpenglow from France’s Sebastian Davidson. I rather hope this is intended as a hommage to the marvellous cereal. Thank you Weetabix group. But sadly, I rather assume not. Another track that comes in at three minutes. Again, far too short. Has a lovely intro with an almost harp sound and an air of mid-90s chill, unashamed in its gorgeousnes. A bit like Kinobe’s Slip Into Something Comfortable, this builds itself around a clever, clever earworm that doesn’t tire of its ability to tickle your pleasure senses. I could listen to this over and over again. Ah, I already have. No mind. Won’t you join me?

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~ by acidted on April 7, 2018.

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