Atomic Number 92. You and Your Spaces. #ambient #IDM

Atomic Number 92. You And Your Spaces. Both the titles of the tracks below but also the story unfolding. We’ve the end of days from Atomic Number 92, which is of course the number of Uranium, from Shuhari. Then what’s left of the world in You and Yours from Synthemesc. And finally, Space by

Atomic Number 92 starts quietly before offering the almost matter of fact ‘we do have coming in confirmed reports of nuclear detonations in New York and Pennsylvania’ followed by a far of siren, screams and whistling wind. For most of the first minute the tune is almost not there, as is afraid to surface. Eventually it arrives gently with accompanying Geiger counter. It never gets above a hush and is all the more powerful for that. Chilling.

Next, Synthemesc’s You And Your EP. This is proper IDM, showing machine without humans. No More Parties creaks into gear before offering two note synth stabs and rippling organics. Title track You And Your has an almost bullfrog croak opening before offering up soft synths and hard beats. Dot Dot Dot is harder still, with an insistence of morse. Music for the post nuclear apocalypse playground.

Spaces from offers an exercise in IDM disorientation. Vocals swirl about, heard but not understood, before acid squelches take up the pace. Dystopian psychedelic sounds abound. It’s an exercise in brutally minimalist ambient. He calls it psybient and who am I to argue? The track is part of a 12 minute composition entitled Bedouin.

~ by acidted on April 10, 2018.

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