Techno twosome from IERRP and Heedless #techno #electronic

Two moody techno tunes from IERRP and Heedless.

France’s IERRP returns with I Choose Euphoria. Kind of a misleading title, since there’s precious little euphoria here. There’s a lot of dark moodiness. Beats echo solemnly, bass parps disconsolately. The sound of dark caverns. Even the synth line is depressed by darkness. But that enhances it slickly dark appeal. It envelopes like treacle. Surrender yourself.

Heedless is from India and offers tè amanhà. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what that means. Looks Portuguese perhaps, which might mean it’s ‘until tomorrow.’ Either way this is taken from an all-woman compilation – Dawn -of women producers in India. The track is at the IDM techno end of things. No shuddering, battering beats here. An insistent bobbling refrain with ever changing synths offers an almost drone experience that sends you into a techno trance. Tune out.

Have a listen to the rest of the comp here:


~ by acidted on April 20, 2018.

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