Nite Mrkt – Freddy’s #house #electronic #downtempo

Good morning. Nite Mrkt is the artist but Jamie XX is our starting point here. For that is who Nite Mrkt’s Freddy’s takes as a starting point. Now, that’s a problem for me. As I’ve found Jamie XX a bit insubstantial. This track isn’t. It’s a lovely gentle downtempo house tune. There’s probably a bit more owed to Jon Hopkins in reality.

It manages a lovely central synth hook that is almost like a violin / banjo cross and sounds wonderfully organic and human. And so the back story proves. The Freddy of the title is Nite Mrkt’s girlfriend’s grandfather. And the possessive apostophe refers to a life not ‘unchecked.’ The track manages a rather wonderful sense of optimism in that downtempo way. Go Freddy.

Blurb: Produced by Josh Cooper (Nite Mrkt), “Freddy’s” builds up wonderfully in the style of Jamie XX, while maintaining a lovely dance beat that crescendos and breaks in all the right places. The melody is peaceful, yet exciting; blissful, yet haunting. It will make you want to move. “Freddy’s” is named after Nite Mrkt’s girlfriend’s grandfather (Fred) who recently passed. The inspiration for this track stems from the idea that you shouldn’t leave anything unchecked on your bucket list, just like Freddy. The final note is drawn out similar to how a heart monitor does when one finally goes. It’s morbidly peaceful. This is the first single off Nite Mrkt’s upcoming album, “They’ve Been Here Before”, which is a fusion of ambient and house music (release date TBA). It has a unique sound and can be played as background music (in true ambient fashion) or listened to for its subtleties, soundscapes, and catchy melodies. This single is 100% organically and originally composed and will be released on all major streaming services on May 4.

~ by acidted on April 26, 2018.

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