21​-​06​-​2014 by Emseatee. Pastoral delights #ambient #electronic #idm @modularfield

If this morning’s techno disturbed you then you might find consolation in 21-06-2014 from Emseatee. A pastoral ambient album replete with the buzzing sound of electronic bees. Available on white vinyl.

The album’s released on Modularfield from Cologne but this is pastoral Englishness, deriving from Oxfordshire. As for the title, all I know is that “Emseatee’s experiments take time and go back until 21.06.2014, when Minerva visited him and together they laid the foundations for this release.” No idea if it was the goddess Minerva, who was the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy.

Anyhow, this is a delightful 8 track LP, with the opener being the title track. 21-06-2014 is a blippy piece with ambient organ tones and a whooshing sense of wonder almost akin to The Orb’s Spanish Castles In Space. This is followed by the more piano-based Processing which ultimately winds itself up to wonderfully epic proportions. 415 starts of slightly confused before resolving into a plucked piece set against chimes and tubular bells. Beautifully verdant piece.

Maine has a hard, anxiously discordant edge and loses something within that fuzziness. The guitar elements of Next Steps provide a welcome relief. The organs on Masse have a hazy parish church feel before moving into more Rhodes tones and an almost wistful carnival atmosphere. Polestar offers a wheezing purposefulness with the synth stabbing against steam machines before breaking free and lifting off to become almost post-rock.

The closing track, Mother, marries uplifting synths and a sense of England, combining low key pastoral with electronic urban edges. In that sense a metaphor for the whole album. Recommended.

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