You can do techno on a Sunday – with Aarav and Corren Cavini #techno #electronic

I don’t normally post techno on a Sunday but let’s change that. Here are two rather different techno tunes from Aarav who offers something dark and minimal and Corren Cavini who goes for melodic and optimistic.

Aarav is from India but apart from that I have nothing more to tell. The tune is the unhelpfully named 0407. It starts with scowling bass and dark techno landscapes before offering shards of sunlight from light house type synths. The interplay between the two is wonderful and never resolved throughout allowing a cool bit of tension into the track. This is apparently the first of four tracks to be released in the coming months, which bodes well. Club stomper.

Next, Corren Cavani and Hanzo’s Oath, taken from his Unifying Division EP. I’m assuming this is a reference to Hattori Hanzo from Kill Bill. But since I haven’t seen the fim that leaves me none the wiser. The tune has more than a little deep house lightness to it, which makes it unsurprising that Corren is from Tilburg near Amsterdam in the Netherlands where lots of lovely deep house is made. The tune is though quite techno focused, offering a lot of the same pleasures as Bicep. Beats are firm and crisp offering a detached coolness which allows the synths to be as lush as you like and gradually run riot. As dazzling a pleasure as the retina aching array of a field of tulips.

~ by acidted on April 29, 2018.

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