Astrablast​/​Newtown Parkway by Soundhog electronic electronic experimental #electronic #neokrautrock #radiophonic

The thirteenth of the month seems the best date to post something by Soundhog, maudlin electronic genius. It’s his first proper release in over a decade (yes, I have the previous one – see foot of this post). It’s a two track vintage synth affair available on download and on black or white vinyl for £6.50 each or £12 the pair.

Newton Parkway is the sound of almost futuristic 70s science programmes mixed with the Radiophonic Workshop, Kraftwerk and a dash of top notch inspiration. There’s a real driving air to this. It’s hopelessly vintage and terribly modern. He says it’s “a theme tune for a non-existant regional TV news show from 1983.” I say turn off the TV and do something more interesting instead

Astrablast is a darker affair with more muscular bass and upright synths. Has more than a little glam rock about it. All that’s missing is the flashes of guitar. No wonder Soundhog calls it a “moogy glam stomper.”

But any review can’t compete with Soundhog’s (Ben Hayes’) own description, thus “One side is best experienced in a 1984 Austin Maestro, driving endlessly around Milton Keynes, from cassette. The other is best experienced in a 1974 Morris Marina, driving endlessly around Wolverhampton, from 8-track cartridge. I’ll leave you to decide which is which.” We had neither. We were a Ford Escort family. I’ve no idea whether that means I can continue to listen to this or not.

Soundhog – Curdler

~ by acidted on May 8, 2018.

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