Downtempo trio from Shallou, The Planetary Defence Side Project and Ajaxbeats #downtempo #ambient #triphop #electronic

Three downtempo tunes to start your weekend from Shallou, The Planetary Defence Side Project and Ajaxbeats.

Shallou returns with …Lost. A tune that’s as flimsy and fragmentary as the title implies. An ambient haze of a track but like morning mist still mangaes somehow to fill the space before disappearing before you notice it. Vague female vocals drift ethereally about, handclaps softly echo and synths soar and yaw like dragonflies. The track is taken from the Souls EP. Gorgeous.

The Planetary Defence Side Project is from Norway and offers Pistaj. No idea what it means. But the tune is described as “a pastiche paying homage to the more ambient sides of 90s electronic music.” That’s kind of unfair. It does have reference points for The Orb and Orbital’s more ambient moments but it’s no pastiche. There’s a lightly shuddering dubbness to the track that gives it that sense of 90s ambient but it’s its own thing with a lovely synth piano line that takes you on a journey into space.

From the USA comes Ajaxbeats with Tweak Out. A more trip hop than ambient track. This booms along with a real dubbed air like a stoner’s dream of swirling smoke. Almost dubstep in places this owes much to Massive Attack’s more treacly paranoid moments. Given the amount of low frequency sounds going on here play this on the biggest system you’ve got and watch the walls vibrate. Awesome.

~ by acidted on May 12, 2018.

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