You can do techno on a Sunday with Ashe and TTilawok #techno #electronic #sunday

A return to techno on a Sunday with Ashe and TTilawok.

Ashe (Jonathon Ashe) is from Canada and offers the ultra moody War Sun. This is a clattery, rather IDM, style of techno. It’s full of deep bass and paused moments of strings and contemplation before the brutality. There’s a widescreen cinematic approach to this, like sunlight glinting off burnished armour. It’s accompanied with the quote that “And the sky turned blood red as the War Sun approached…” which has that right mix of almost biblical and pagan.

TTilawok is based in Stockholm and offers the more European sounds of Rooted, taken from the Memories album. There’s a dub techno take on offer here. Sounds of synths stabs perfume the track. A drone bass provides the solid centre ground. Beats throb away. A twisting psychedelic version of techno delights.

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Blurb: Postseason Franchise Records is happy to announce Into Memory, the debut album from Stockholm-based deep house and techno artist TTilawok. Set for release on May 25th, Into Memory includes ten tracks which highlight the wide array of genres and styles which influence TTilawok, the California-born producer behind the album’s futuristic sound. Combining samples, synthesis, and analog drum machines, TTilawok manages to traverse the realms of acid, ambient, low-fi, and downbeat with his first full-length release. This record was produced over nearly two years as ideas evolved into full songs between Stockholm and California. Into Memory will be available in all online stores on May 25th, and the lead single and music video, “Rooted”, is out now. A limited edition of 100 clear blue tapes are available for pre-order on Postseason Franchise Records’ Bandcamp.


~ by acidted on May 13, 2018.

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