Drone Duo with Nicholas William and Kouta #ambient #drone #glitch

A duo of drone tunes from Nicholas William and Kouta.

Nicolas William from New Zealand first. His offering is Radio Frequency. This is analogue radio not DAB. This is full of the strange background noise radio had between stations BITD. The track samples NASA RF recordings from outer space and don’t you know it. Like some kind of SETI specialist this casts a keen ear into the cosmos. In return, decaying light expands and warps time and tone. Nicholas says it “is intended to induce a trance in the listener.” And that it does very successsfully. A cosmic drone.

Next, Kouta from the US but identifes as Japanese/African Islander. After Party is a more organic track, full of the blips, false starts and glitches of life on Earth. The ambient hisses with insect-like vigour and engages in leg clicking beat clatter. But there’s an over-riding natural harmony and hush to everything. Like Boards of Canada digitally enhanced with beetles.

Taken from the album I Was Yesterday

Blurb: Kouta (pron. KŌ-TA) is the main pseudonym of Luca Young, an electronic musician and bassist currently based in Los Angeles, California. With strong musical influence from his dual-island upbringing, the Japan and Hawaii-reared artist draws from a marriage between found sound, ambient electronics and rhythm – primarily using the electric bass and guitar as a sound source. Kouta makes a return with his latest album, I Was Yesterday, a bold departure from past efforts. I Was Yesterday dives deeper and darker sonically compared to his debut release. A sense of calm inherent in Young’s sound as Kouta remains throughout.

~ by acidted on May 25, 2018.

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