Chilled out with Bokki and Saros #downtempo #chill #electronic

A couple of chilled tunes from Bokki and Saros.

Bokki is from Argentina and offers Uwa!! So Chilled. This is a spectral piano line with soft washed beats. There’s a nice hip hop sense to it all. Even a bit of trap’s trebly elements come through but nothing’s too hurried, so it’s a surprise that the melody is taken from a video game, Underatale. Bokki says “Underatale has one of the most beautiful soundtracks ever, and i wanted to make a “tribute” to one of my favourite tracks of it. The original song is called Uwa!! So Temperate.”

Saros offers something more synth based but nonetheless chilled. Digital Roads is flirting with ambient in places but has too much verve for that ultimately. It bobbles cheekily along its way. Beats are barely there and the synths do all the work but totally avoiding 80s cliches. This is uplifting and energising. Get ready for your road trip.

~ by acidted on May 29, 2018.

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