PREMIERE: Hardfloor – Lights, Camera, Acid

German masters Hardfloor return with more techno domiance on Lights, Camera, Acid. This isn’t out until 8 June but here’s an advance listen for you.

Hardfloor are Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker from Düsseldorf, Germany. They’ve been around since the 90s with their 303 monsters, starting with Acperience 1 (1992) before proving their remix cred by turning Mory Kante’s 80s hit Yeke Yeke into a dance floor beast in 1994 and showing their softer side on the wonderful Dubdope (1995). That’s all very well. But have they still got it?

Have they ever! Lights Camera, Acid is a monster of a tune. The assorted numerology of 303 and 909 provides a huge punch. The track is a stroboscopic headfuk of a track with acid lines writ large. This harks back a bit to their early, more uncompromising work but wthout ever feeling bound by it. Six minutes of pummelling, pounding dance floor action. Turn off the camera, head for the lights of the dance floor, and surrender to the acid.

Blurb: This EP sees the German legends laying down some seriously danceable acid, laced with an undercurrent of techno. ‘Lights, Camera, Acid’ contains echoes of their seminal track ‘Acperience 1’, channelling the 303 vibe, whereas ‘Yo! Bum Rush The Silver Box’ ploughs a more electro furrow of acid. Both grooves come in at over the 6 minute mark.

~ by acidted on June 4, 2018.

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