NASA Race Soft Touch from Agent of Chaos and Navdav #ambient #chill #downtempo #electronic

After a day of big room tunes yesterday let’s retreat to a more chilled place with Agent of Chaos and Navdav. Even Jango can only stop and stare.

Agent of Chaos offers NASA Race. He’s inevitably American but with a seemingly dystopian view and a beard. The track is taken from the album A Secret History. The tune is NASA sampling inevitably but widescreen cinematic ambient. This looks out into the desert, not to outer space or inner space. There’s a thrum of internal combustion enngine as the miles slip by. Accomplished.

Next, Navdav Cohen. A welcome return from this NZ artist on Soft Touch taken from the Lacuna EP. The track is as gentle as promised. A baby skin smooth tune that tickles like the softest cat fur. A cashmere / angora jumper of a tune (not that we approve of such materials in these days) curling round you. There’s a hushed piano and beats are washed far into the background. Everything is almost still in the merest whisper of a breeze. Take it easy with this tune. Whatever you were about to do isn’t worth it. Just stop and listen.

Lacuna EP here


~ by acidted on June 23, 2018.

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