Insane To Find You: Adam Helder, lullabii #house #deephouse #progressivehouse #electronic

A couple of spirited tunes for sunny weather this Sunday from Adam Helder and lullabii.

Adam Helder first with Insane. A bit of a misnomer, in these mental health conscious days, given it’s a rather lovely and peaceful tune. It’s a light summery deep house tune, with some lovely guitar. But the difference here is that there’s a crisp crunch to the beats and something just a touch leftfield in its approach that makes this subtly hold and retain your attention. You’d be mad not to love this.

There was a time in the 90s when progressive house was everywhere, was innovative and was the future. Then it all went global, went wrong and went stale. I largely stopped listning to it for a decade or more. But I’ve been reappreicating it’s joy. Here’s lullabii with something that’s a bit 90s but simultaneously not on To Find You. The key here is the restraint that’s shown. It could have built up to throw the kitchen sink at you but makes a conscious choice not to. And it’s the better for it. Allows an ethereal, almost ambient veil to show how life could be. Surrender here.

~ by acidted on June 24, 2018.

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