Deep downtempo house from Krotos and Λ D V Λ I T #deephouse #downtempo #electronic

A couple of largely downtempo deep house / lofi tracks from Krotos and Λ D V Λ I T this morning.

West Coast based Krotos offers the wonderful Shadows. A fabulously leftfield and yet totally listenable deep house track. There’s a rising sense of excitement from the track that still manages to be a chilled experience. The beats aren’t set too far forward. The focus is on the subtle interplay of synths that simultaneously restrain and urge forward. Clever, clever stuff.

From a 2 track EP

Λ D V Λ I T is from India and offers Things You Own End Up Owning You. This track uses the main speech from Fight Club as the centrepiece to this tune. It may feel a familiar rhetoric given extra Trumpiann nuance but it’s offered a pathos, sincerity and drama that it doesn’t always deserve through the subtlty of the music. A piano goes up and down the scales while sysnths worry away in the background. And beats offer a steadying hand.

Check out his Bandcamp

On bandcamp for $1:


~ by acidted on June 28, 2018.

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