Back to the House: Wezkez and Idem Zerum #house #techno #electronic

After too many days of chill, here’s a couple of tunes that have a bit more fire in their soul. Some house from Wezkez and some techno from Idem Zerum.

Wezkez is from South Africa and offers the self-explanatory Dark & Funky. This is a dark house tune with a sleazy deep bass and a titular sample. This is offset by wobbly funk synths and a bit of acid attitude. A definite dance floor stormer. Go throw some shapes.

Idem Zerum offers Jahren. Apparently from the US but with a German track title. This is moody European techno, all dark pulsing bass and beats. And I love that approach. There’s a little ethereal wailing for a splash of exoticism. It ultimately offers a restrained approach, resisting the temptation for an easy, early peak. It’s content to lead you up the dark garden path only to give release when it’s goood and ready. Clever dark satisfying techno.

~ by acidted on July 11, 2018.

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