Magical melodic house from Masserné and Zenobia Dolli #progressivehouse #house #ambient #idm #electronic

Here’s a couple of melodic tunes from Masserné and Zenobia Dolli that break genre confines.

Let’s start with Masserné from Missouri, USA. His offering is Oshawano. That’s a native American name I assume but, confusingly, the track comes with the quote “Between Grand Tower and Cairo, they were called the Oshawano, fading below Shawneetown.” If anyone knows what that means, do let me know. Meantime, it’s a lovely chilled progressive house tune that builds a gentle sense of drama and has an almost IDM type of clatteriness and washed out sense of expansive vistas. Beautifully realised tune that deserves each of the seven minutes it takes to unwind.

Next, also from the USA, Zenobia Dolli. The track is Pathways. It’s tagged as an ambient track. But it’s a bit more spritely than that with shades of IDM and house. Zenobia Dolli rather curiously says “A minimal cerebral song where I don’t sing.” It’s an instrumental that’s happy not to have a vocal. It has a lovely stepped synth line that perfuses the track. Like any good perfume it’s a blend of the sweetness and the deeper richer notes. A pathway to heavenly electronic glory.

~ by acidted on July 19, 2018.

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