Fundamentals EP by Analog Tara #idm #analog #electronic #jazz

Music and art. Often uneasy bedfellows. Music and academe even more so. Here’s an academic doing IDM jazz techno. Could be terrible. But since it was a recommendation from Joor Nitth I had to give it a chance. It’s very good.

Analog Tara was unknown to me and her biog says “Tara Rodgers is a multi-instrumentalist composer and historian of sound. She started her career as a jazz pianist and has since been making house and techno as Analog Tara.” Her Wiki is pretty impressive and the Fundamentals EP equally so.

The EP opens with the light techno of Percolation. There’s somethign quite jazzy about the structure of the track, integrated with some really crisp early 90s beats. Pulse and Light is a bit more abstract, with warped tones and repeated refrains. Impressively disorientates the sense.

Propulsion is the one that Joor recommends, calling it a “remarkable techno track.” There’s something a bit Marshall Jefferson or 90s Cabaret Voltaire about the track with its stabbing refrain. The EP closes with Density and Surface. A shimmering track that offers a fundamentally drone sounscape experience. More art than music.

Available on digital or 140g vinyl.

~ by acidted on July 22, 2018.

One Response to “Fundamentals EP by Analog Tara #idm #analog #electronic #jazz”

  1. “Could be terrible. But since it was a recommendation from Joor Niith I had to give it a chance.”

    That gave me a smile. I know you secretly detest it, as you betrayed yourself by wrongly writing my name! Justice triumphs, and of course this of mine was a lame attempt at joking. Truly glad about your appreciation, Sir. 🙂

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