Ambient three ways with Jamie Short, Weizhi and Drinking Pills #ambient, electronic, chill

Three ambient track, each taking a different path to their destination but sharing a chilled beautiful approach from Jamie Short, Weizhi and Drinking Pills.

Jamie Short from the UK takes what might be described as the most conventional approach. But that’s to damn Uncharted Worlds with faint praise. And the track is way, way better than that. It’s a largely beatless track about space exploration with hiss and radio samples. Brilliantly realised. Creating a distortion in the space time continuum since it’s apparently only six and a half minutes long but feels easily twice the length to skillfully does it suspend time as we perceive it. It’s hard to explain quite how it does that. There’s so little to the track, so it’s all about the space between the sounds into which you slip.

Weizhi is also from the UK and ratheragoodnightmarethanabaddream is a more beat driven track. It has debts to IDM and a suffusion of strings but it also has a way with it that’s very now in the digital bass heavy vein but taken away to be transquilised. This leaves it a track that’s drunkenly stagerring arounnd oblivious to the danger in which it finds itself. Strangely creepy.

Finally, we have Drinking Pills from Ukraine. He offers Neon Raindrops, which is as 80s a title as you can get. This is the cutest track of the three. Wants a bit of a cuddle in the moonlight. There are beats but this is a track that lives of dies by the synths. These are offered in multiple layers. There’s an unashamedly romantic streak to this track that really works. He says “Drinking Pills is a chillwave-retrowave music project.” but that’s to sell the track short. It’s synths bang up to date, on point and should be on your stereo.

~ by acidted on August 1, 2018.

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