Mickey Zhang & WHAI (Featuring Howie B) ‘Electric Horse’ #electronnic #triphop #postrock

Ah, Howie B. He was a go to BITD. Bought lots of his stuff. Always inventive, always experimenting. Sometimes hit. Sometimes miss. Here he is with Mickey Zhang & WHAI on an inventive track that’s electronic, post-rock, trip hop, widescreen Americana. That’s not a random set of descriptors. Despite the Chinese originators, there’s a sense of Paris Texas in the twangy guitar which sits alongside some beats that pound tribally. Even a bit of ehru and Easy Rider road trip in there. A Harry Dean Stanton meets Dennis Hopper track. This is full of moody looks and minimal dialogue. A B movie classic track.

~ by acidted on August 3, 2018.

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