This post is barely here with Echo Grid and Aquartos #ambient #drone #postrock #electronic

A post that hardly exists sonically. Both of these tracks from Echo Grid and Aquartos push ambient until it almost doesn’t exist.

Echo Grid is from the Netherlands and offers Nycterine. A track inspred by Bjork, or as Echo Grid says “Dedicated to Icelandic experimental singer Björk, without whom this track would have a different title.” A track forged in the depth of night. The sound of the city sleeping or the ringing of the city that exists even if sound has stopped. Fro a city can never be truly still and urbanites can never concieve of silence. Where silence intrudes the brain provides a humming backdrop. This is that track brought to life.

Russia’s Aquartos goes for a more enveloping sound on Sanctum. This is more a return to the womb. It’s a bit of an electronic post rock crossover. Electronics provide a background drone whilst guitars chime dreamily in the foreground. A wander round the tundra. Seven minutes of deepest duvet music after you’ve already pressed snooze twice.

~ by acidted on August 8, 2018.

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