Pat Carroll – Conditions #electronic #house #downtempo

Fuck art, let’s dance. A sentiment to which I subscribe. No idea from where it originates. I remember it first from Madness in the very early 80s. Anyhow, it’s left me with a suspicion of the interplay between ‘art’ and ‘music’ and over-intellectualising something that’s essentially an emotional reaction. So, when Australia’s Pat Carroll cheerfully writes “I am currently amidst the PhD program at The Con” my blood runs cold. When he adds “My current studies looks at links between the structures of (and in) music and visual art. More specifically, it explores how musical structures can be synthesised from the spatial aspects of images” I eyeroll and lose the will to live. But I shouldn’t be so dismissive. Conditions is a great track.

Coming in at a nice fat seven minutes this has space and time within which to develop. Strings swell at the start and there’s an almost soundtrack element to the chiming lead line. Before everything goes all a bit Knopfler the crispy beats come along to save the say. A crush of insect legs rustles. A bass line throbs blurring the line between post-rock and ambient. The track has a sense of constantly building. Very clever Mr Carroll. Your PhD should be a breeze.

~ by acidted on August 16, 2018.

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