Wonky glitch on Mountie – Loved Anikmals

Not often we have glitch but here’s an experimental glitch tune from Mountie. This sounds like it uses Rickie Gervase samples but either way it’s got an offbeat charm. There are glitchy beats and warped bass. A drugged up dream. Let the room spin ever so slowly like you’re in a David Lynch film as this plays on. Sadly, this is only 2:40 but it uses the time ever so well. A bit like a more serious Lemon Jelly. Why can’t all experiments turn out as well as this?

Blurb: A few weeks ago Mountie stepped into our lives. The first time listening to his beats brought us back twenty plus years to the birth of Ninja Tune Records. We couldn’t help but hear the rebirth of Mr. Scruff in his debut release with LUSH Selects. Loved Anikmals is trip down memory lane but also a sign of the bright future we have in this industry. We always have prided ourselves as a platform to feature artists that are bending genres and breaking boundaries. Mountie is doing this.

~ by acidted on August 16, 2018.

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