First Reconstructing Jakarta with Echo Grid and The Shinobi of Chernobyl #ambient #lofi #electronic #chill #deephouse

A couple of essentially chilled mood pieces from Echo Grid and The Shinobi of Chernobyl.

Netherlands’ Echo Grid returns with First. Which means its coming first of today’s duo. That’s the kind of follow the rules person I am. The track is an ambient piece filled with a throbbing sense of dub. There’s also little bits of chiming guitar and sawing strings. It has an endless drone sense to it that washes all your cares away. Who needs mindfulness when you have this to decompress?

The Shinobi of Chernobyl is from the US. I had to look up ‘shinobi.’ Turns out it means ninja, covert agent or mercenary. Quite what a secret agent would be doing in Chernobyl is unclear. I’d steer well clear of the place if I was him. As for the track, it’s Reconstructing Jakarta. I’ve never been to Indonesia so it’s hard to appreciate whether this is evocative or not of the place. Taken as a piece of music it has a lovely jaunty air with almost pan pipes set against crunchy wheezy beats. It’s a saunter on a warm day, notwithstanding the element of scuzzy bass. A lofi deep house gem.

Taken from the album The Desolation of Adrian Bixby

~ by acidted on August 18, 2018.

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