Cwmbran-City – Awenyddion Rabbit Hole #mixtape #electronica #ambient #idm

Cwmbran-City returns from darkest Wales with Awenyddion Rabbit Hole, a mixtape of strange ambient and IDM inspiration, lost electronic entrail moments and horrible techno imprecations.

An Awen is a Welsh word for inspiration”. It is the inspiration of the poet bards. The inspired individual is described as an awenydd.

Giraldus Cambrensis said in his Description of Wales(1194) that “THERE are certain persons in Cambria, whom you will find nowhere else, called Awenyddion, or people inspired; when consulted upon any doubtful event, they roar out violently, are rendered beside themselves, and become, as it were, possessed by a spirit. They do not deliver the answer to what is required in a connected manner; but the person who skilfully observes them, will find, after many preambles, and many nugatory and incoherent, though ornamented speeches, the desired explanation conveyed in some turn of a word: they are then roused from their ecstasy, as from a deep sleep, and, as it were, by violence compelled to return to their proper senses. After having answered the questions, they do not recover till violently shaken by other people; nor can they remember the replies they have given.”

There’s obviously a Druidic connection here and we shouldn’t foget that Tacitus said of the Druids and the invasion of Anglesey (Ynys Mon) “On the opposite shore stood the Britons, close embodied, and prepared for action. Women were seen running through the ranks in wild disorder; their apparel funeral; their hair loose to the wind, in their hands flaming torches, and their whole appearance resembling the frantic rage of the Furies. The Druids were ranged in order, with hands uplifted, invoking the gods, and pouring forth horrible imprecations.” and “The island fell, and a garrison was established to retain it in subjection. The religious groves, dedicated to superstition and barbarous rites, were levelled to the ground. In those recesses, the natives [stained] their altars with the blood of their prisoners, and in the entrails of men explored the will of the gods.”

Cwmbran-City says of the mix, “In this increasingly synthetic world, an olde cornucopia of insania to explore & soothe the deepest recesses of the mind. Are you positioned comfortably? Then let us begin…”


~ by acidted on August 22, 2018.

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