Saturday’s selection is ambient: Vincent Paul, Conner Simmons and Christopher L Stevens #electronic #downtempo #ambient

A triple helping of chilled sounds from Vincent Paul, Conner Simmons and Christopher L Stevens. Two from the US and one from Germany.

Let’s start with Mr Stevens from the US and his Embedded Signal. A really creative track that blends successfully a chilled sense alongside some electronics that threaten to go distorted but always just about hold themselves in. A surprisingly driving tune with all manner of chiming synths and scuzzy elements. Doesn’t sit easily in standard electronic genres, doesn’t care. Enjoy.

Available on iTunes.

Next, Vincent Paul from Germany offers blank. A stately track with a blippy space sense as if it’s going to go house or techno but can never quite find the rationale to do so. It remains a sweetly passive tune swirling in space, enjoying the sounds of Star Trek comms devices and its own little world. Delightful.

Connor Simmons is from Texas and on Bench he offers a woozy ambience. Definitely a track for sitting down to really get its effect. Lots of soft tones come, are held, and melt away. A sense of things slipping by but not to worry. Only four minutes in length but with time within stretching away almost endlessly. Dreamy.

From the album Guymon, Oklahoma

~ by acidted on August 25, 2018.

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