Monday takes ambient to techno: Tangent and PaetGig #ambient #electronic #techno

A couple of tracks that tread the path from ambient to techno with Tangent and PaetGig.

Tangent are a duo from the Netherlands and on Confinement we get an ambient track resting on simple piano and clicky beats, with a hint of glitch. It’s tagged as post-industrial but it’s only industrial in the sense of abandoned wastelands and loss that the piano evokes. All too often tracks have become shorter these days but Confinement bucks that with a welcome wander through nearly nine minutes. It allows space for themes to come and go, thoughts to form, and to disolve. The track is taken from Tangent’s forthcoming album Approaching Complexity, out in October.

Next, PaetGig from Nuremberg, Germany. This is all a bit confusing. He’s pictured with a guitar but this is more of an ambient techno track. On Midnight Hall, beats are solid but the piano keeps the track from going too far, too hard. Beats echo solidly at the opening of the track. The piano comes in but the beats refuse to be subdued. It’s like watching sibling rivalry as one then the other achieves ascendency. Makes for a fascinating approach to the track where nothing remains the same for too long as the elemments ebb and flow.

~ by acidted on August 27, 2018.

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