Raffaele Rizzi – Backstage #techno #electronic

If you’re back at work and in need of a boost after the Bank Holiday, here’s some Italian techno from Raffaele Rizzi to blow away the cobwebs of the mind. Backstage is a classy piece of techno that impresses through inventiveness, rather than battering beats. There’s a clever use of space in the track that almost ends up a bit like dub techno but stronger than that. It has some stabbing synths that unselfconsciously hark back to the past but without being beholden to it. That interplay let’s it feel modern but connected to 90s techno. Sophisticated.

Blurb: ‘Backstage/In my Head’ is the debut Ep of Raffaele Rizzi on Silent Storm! The Italian artist has been in the scene for years and boasts collaborations with top-level labels. He introduces himself with 2 tracks, they represent very well all the characteristics of the sound that led him to be supported by the top DJs of the scene. These 2 originals are supported by an excellent remix of Barbuto, the artist is not new to this type of collaboration on Silent Storm as he had already done a great job remixing ‘Long Knife’ by Tom Laws a year ago. ‘Backstage’ It’s characterized by a very deep bass and reverberations that project a sense of greatness. The atmosphere is hypnotic and the synth riffs contrast it, creating an amazing effect. The main Break is impress for the melody created by the warm lead that open its frequencies until it suddenly disappears, leaving space for the main theme again.

~ by acidted on August 28, 2018.

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