Sleepy House from indigos paradise and Fallico #house #downtempo #electronic

A couple of tracks of sleepy house for this morning as I’m struggling to wipe the sleep from my eyes and focus on the laptop. It’s all a blur. And that blurry sensation is what this soft house pairing from indigos paradise and Falico are all about.

indigos paradise offers the soft measured charms of baby. Not the most innovative title, I grant you. But a tune that more than makes up for that. Electronic handclapbeats crunch their way forward against ethereal tones and bobbling wood block and sweet synths. A dreamy electronic lullaby.

Next, the coiner of the term sleepy house, Fallico. It comes from his sleep apnea keeping him awake at night. He explains the sound, “With this first release I am trying to craft a style I am calling “Sleepy House” which is 16 bar progressive house that is laid back and definitely not a banger.”

The track is Face Mask, an 8 minute drive through the dark city. The car you’re driving has gull wing doors and KIT’s voice. The tune is all bass led and has a bit of synthwave going on. No cheap 80s knock off this. A fully realised prog house tune that manages its way through a succession of dystopian phases. No wonder Fallico says “It’s good driving music, or even better, songs you listen to late at night in bed when you can’t fall asleep.” A superbly realised house track worthy of Morpheus.

~ by acidted on August 30, 2018.

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