Premiere: Moran Gang – Squid Tango EP #electronic #ambient #dance

A premiere of the Squid Tango EP from Moran Gang. It’s a watery ambient affair. And if it all feels a bit strange that’s becuase it was originally composed for dancers in Stockholm.

Moran Gang is Nathanael Saposnikoff together with dancers from the School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. The 1st Tango and 2nd Tango tracks were created for for a dance performance.

1st Tango has a sense of awkwardness, even discord in its long intro that is the coming together of the school of fish. As Nathanael explains “The song was made for dancers and it reflects their movements and the struggle between an individuals sense of self in a group.” He adds, “The track had the working title ’Shoal of fish’, which reflects the theme of the song. It’s oceanlike feel consists of sounds of dripping water put through synths and sequencers along with echoing underwater flute phrases and shell-resembling shakers.” 2nd Tango also has a long intro that’s more metallic and sonar. A mechanical intervention of throbbing engines.

Both tracks probably make most sense on a dance performance environment. But for listeners, head for the edits. Here Nathanael has made edits of the tracks them into proper audio experiences. 1st Tango gets a watery dubby overhaul that takes it off into IDM ambient territory. Lovly track and pick of the EP.  2nd Tango remains a more tense affair. Harsh metal sounds form the base of the track, with rusty machinery and a throbbing bass for doom. You get the sense that nothing good willl come of this.

Fascinating EP, out now on Sportify and iTunes.

1st Tango (edit)

Whole EP here:




~ by acidted on September 1, 2018.

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