The place is the space: canyon walls and Sahara #electronic #ambient #experimental

Here are a couple of tracks that are inspired by place in the form of Canyon Walls and the Sahara.

Sahara is by Jungle & Juice who hail from Austria (I think). Here we have an exotic swirl of beats and guitars / strings. I don’t know what ‘desert beats’ means but this must be the manifiestation. It’s a bit of languid east meets west in a north meets south kind of way. I’ve never been to the desert but this track means in my mind I have. Properly sultry over the course of its 10 minutes.

And next, Koresma returns with Canyon Walls, a leftfield deep house track. Koresma says “Canyon Walls was inspired by the feeling of flying along the walls of a canyon like a bird. Just kidding, I did imagine that while creating the song, but the song is more so about what a specific place like a canyon says to you while witnessing it.” Now, I don’t know I can hear a canyon, let alone it’s walls. But on this free download we get some backwards sounds and the clip of precise deep house beats and a little sense of the blues. And that’s ok as it’s kinda chilled out. Let’s not worry about the whys and wherefore but the how it feels  and it feels just grrreat.

~ by acidted on September 9, 2018.

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