Downtempo double from Marius Maeland and Peter Ibbetson #downtempo #electronic #chill

A low key start to the week with a couple of downtempo tunes from Marius Maeland and Peter Ibbetson.

Marius Maeland is a songwriter/composer/producer from Bergen, Norway, but currently located in Grimstad. He’s also in a ‘stoner-rock band.’ And that’s relevant here. This is electronic psychedelic off your face in space stuff. The music on Lucent Vortex is Hawkwind put through the mouli with Amorphous Androgynous. There’s a space wind that blows through out. The vocals are lost in the background and come over as wordless wails. The synths are lush and beats and soft and golden. The whole thing is an intense electronic trip. It ought to be prepostrous but its done with such sincerity that I couldn’t help but be won over.

Peter Ibbotson is a producer from South London. And Wednesday is ostensibly as unassuming as its title. To do so is to miss its simple electronic pleasures and hidden complexity. There’s a lovely laid back feel to this track. A warm Sunday afteroon in the park kind of feel. This is autumn encapsulated. A gentle groove, some blipping bobbling electronic trickery. Like Aphex when he was good. Think Analogue Bubblebath. But not so much as to spoil the vibe.



~ by acidted on September 17, 2018.

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