IDM Pairing: The World Next Door and Grün Glas #idm #electronic #ambient #techno

IDM is an often maligned genre. But in its awkward heart can lie beautiful strangeness. And that’s what you get from The World Next Door and Grün Glas.

Canadians The World Next Door offer the ruminant charms of Goat Lore. Wheezy strings are accompanied by wood block beats in an almost folky refrain. This has bits of backwar sounds that sends the whole thing in a folktronica direction. It’s a lovely pastoral scene. The intensity and scope of the track is gradually wound up as the track progresses until the strings end in awkward, apologetic feedback. Properly hircine this.

Grün Glas is from a Berlin-based techno producer. The track is Void. It’s less a conventional techno track than a whirling, mesmerising IDM sound. There’s more than a bit of East meets West to it all. Slightly disorientating at times in the soft melody that leads and the distorted harshness that surrounds. Given this, it’s hardly surprising that the track is “Inspired by the compulsion some feel to throw themselves from great heights.” This is known as ‘high place phenomenon’ (I do think someone could have put a bit more effort into the nomenclature here but there you go). The strings are not the usual swelling violins but a more unusual ehru(?) and the beats have an edgy insistence. This is a complex swirl of sound and emotion. C’mon, dive in.

~ by acidted on September 21, 2018.

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