A sinister and evil cult. Ban Canned Juice – Summer Of ’89 (Original Mix) #acid #house

Hard to credit that some 30 years after the birth of the appalling acid house and its evil effect on our kids that people are triyng to resurrect it. People like Canned Juice from God-fearing USA should know better. But here he is offering the Summer of ’89. This even has the temerity to include a quote from the time about a house party in South London. The synths rave on, acid burbles its psychedelic siren call. The beats march on oblivious to the forces of law and order.

Keep this evil tune away from our kids lest they be inculcated into repeatitive beats again. Don’t play this track in case you too feel the need to grab a glowstick, a bandana and some Vicks.

~ by acidted on September 23, 2018.

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