House Monday with Nite Mrkt – Carter #house #environment #electronic #techno

Here’s a sombre start to your working week. A house track of environmental and societal anxiety from US artist Nite Mrkt who samples Jimmy Carter’s Crisis of Confidence speech (1979) on his techno house track Carter.  This owes something to artists like Bicep but is very much its own thing. The track largely rests on a slow bass of impending doom. This is overlaid by a touch of hopeful bobbling but the subtlty therein means the music message of disaster approaching is never quite dispelled. The addition of samples from Carter’s speech is a clever touch. Such a distinctive voice (albeit he isn’t the only voice on the track). A properly relevant track.

Blurb: Nite Mrkt is an ambient/house/electronic music producer based in Brooklyn, NY. Nite Mrkt evokes a range of emotions, creating soundscapes that conjure feelings of bliss, loneliness, and redemption. Some tracks are danceable, while others are meant for reflection. Nite Mrkt composes/produces all music via the Ableton Live DAW with his Akai Controller on his self-built computer. Nite Mrkt’s biggest influences are Tycho, Jamie XX, Boards of Canada, and Aphex Twin.

~ by acidted on September 24, 2018.

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