Clattering along with boyish and Nick Cosic #drumand bass #idm #techno #downtempo #electronic

A couple of tracks that both start from IDM but take themselves off into different difrections but sharing a common clatter to the beats by boyish and Nick Cosic that leaves them both quite thrilling in their individual ways.

First off, from Melbourne, Australia comes boyish. Surface is the lead track from the two track Surface EP from Boyd Kelly. This is a really clever track, packing all manner of genres into its four minutes. Starts of like a lovely piece of spinning electronica before it pauses and then assaults you with all sorts of breakbeats and jungle. This whisks you off on a real journey with everything in hi-def superfast. But the beats are never allowed to totally overwhelm the electronica which hangs onto the coattails of the beats. Breathless stuff.

Meanwhile, Nick Cosic is from Serbia and on Toq offers a different take on IDM. This comes very much from an ambient direction. That makes it little surprise that he says he’s about “Ambient electronica with passion for modular and vintage synths. Started 20 years ago influenced by FSOL, Autechre, Lassigue Bendthaus.” That seeps through into Toq which has classic Vangelis/Kraftwerk type of synths but supplemented by some surprisingly insistent beats. All of this makes for a gentle but in no way soporific adventure.

Check out his album Interface, available on Bandcamp for free download.

~ by acidted on September 25, 2018.

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