New fragility from Ziino – Lilmellie (Intro Mix) #ambient #downtempo #electronic

Here’s a tune so delicate it should come with one of those red ‘fragile’ stickers and a load of bubblewrap before being sent to you. It’s from the lovely Ziino and is called Lilmellie (Intro Mix). Who Lilmellie is and why she/he/it needs an intro is not explained. Instead let’s focus on a tune of absolute brevity, clocking in as it does in under three minutes. There are some piano chords and a picked melody. There are no beats and the track makes you want to whisper when it’s on, lest you disturb the moment with your blundering noise. It works best when you hold your breath. Practice beforehand is my advice. Worth the loss of consciousness.

Download for free on The Artist Union

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~ by acidted on September 28, 2018.

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