Satire or sustenance: tiyarilo – pancakes and fiji water. #ambient #electronic #chill

A three minute ambient track whose title left me confused. Tiyarilo is lovell rashaun from North Carolina. The source of the confusion is the track pancakes and fiji water (he’s no fan of the capital letter; dunno what they’ve done to oppress him). Let’s break this title down. It could be a commentary on America’s use of a developing country’s resources for its own ends. Or it could be a commentary on how making pancakes with water was the sustenance of the oppressed would couldn’t afford anything else. But it’s now the thing of a Goop generation using imorted water  Or it could just be his fvourite way to break the fast. He enigmatically leaves it as ‘Top 10 Most Difficult Questions Humankind Has Ever Seen.’

Meanwhile, the tune is three minutes of laidback enigmatic cool. It just adopts a casual lofi ambient pose and smirks at you. There’s a sort of hip hop clatter and a liquid flow to the synths that is deeply, deeply satisfying.

~ by acidted on October 1, 2018.

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