I know you have experience of acid: Atroxity – Technicolour #electronic #house #acid #techno

Yep samples of people in the 60s taking acid is a bit of a cliche. But there’s always a way of making it fresh. As Atroxity proves on the inventive Technicolour. Do you want to feel the air? Do you want to be part of it? Do you want to see it? Then, listen on mes amis.

Technicolour takes a range of samples about taking LSD accompanied by some off-kilter beats for that psychedelic atmosphere. The tune breaks out across six minutes of twisting sounds. This ranges widely across some astringent house to blasts of deep techno without caring much where it settles. Gives this a properly hallucinatory home listening experience. Atroxity says of the track “Not for the mainstream.” Damn right. Who needs mainstream when you can lose yourself here?

And on Soundcloud

Blurb: Atroxity resides in Oslo, Norway, where he’s been a part of the local clubbing scene and media since the nineties. As an artist who refuse to adhere to any specific genre, he’s evolved into a producer and composer of electronica across a multitude of genres. From hard hitting beats and playful arrangements to cinematic themes and ambient landscapes, the many facets of his universe are painted with his own unique palette of cyberpunk and steampunk influences.

~ by acidted on October 2, 2018.

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