Squelching acid funk from ShySam and Nod Steady #acid #downtempo #ambient #funk

A couple of squelchy tunes from ShySam and Nod Steady.

ShySam is from Los Angeles but originally Iran and offers Your Love. This is the closing track to his album Love At First Sight. On its origins, he explains that “the only time I’ve been back home, since I moved to LA in 2014, was in September 2017. The result of that trip was meeting new people in the art industry and building relationships. In particular, one strongly emotional relationship which ultimately led to the creation of this album.”

The track is a slow squelchy closing down kind of track. There’s a bit of bass funk at its heart and more than a little drama. It manages to be both inward and epic. A big blowsy red rose of a track. All perfumed and intoxicating. Like the rosewater in the best harissa you’d miss it if it wasn’t there.

Album on Spotify and Bandcamp:

Where ShySam was filled with drama and reds, Nod Steady (Øyvind Håkestad) is filled with blue and acid. Perhaps that Nod Steady is from Norway somehow explains it. Polar has a gentle opening like a drifting iceberg. But eventually all of that changes into something sleeker and sharper, filled with acidic squelches, muscular bass and crisp beats. Hardly surprising that Nod Steady says “The working idea here was the feeling of being surrounded with snow, ice and weather, feeling the power of nature.” A classy track.

From the Moving EP

~ by acidted on October 5, 2018.

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