Spare the rod, spoil the child: Vester Koza – My Well Crap Car (Mardy Mix) #idm #electronic

“Mardy.” Great word. Coming from the late 19th century (as noun, in the sense ‘spoilt child’): probably from dialect marred (from mar), describing a spoilt, overindulged, or badly behaved child. It’s the name of the mix of Vester Koza’s My Well Crap Car. The tune is four and a half minutes of pitter patter, slightly glitched, beats, a wonky sense of electronics and a throbbing synth trying to bring a bit of order. This is for fans of all things IDM, especially Squarepusher and early Aphex. As it unfolds you realise that there’s a melody line that greadually sneaks its way into the foreground and eventually occupies the centre of the tune. A satisfied finish and reason to put down the rod.

~ by acidted on October 11, 2018.

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