Mainly melancholia with Cartovvel Krabs and Takagi Masakatsu #piano #ambient #chill #downtempo

It’s a melancholic morning for me. A storm is coming. The branches are whipping round. The sunrise was pink and violet. Cloud scud by. Let’s capture that mood with Kartovvel Krabs and Takagi Masakatsu.

Takagi Masakatsu first. From Japan, obviously. This isn’t dance or electronic in any way. But Marginalia#8 is an ambient tune, albeit one that is focused with precision on the piano and surrounding sound. Of course, to me, there’s a bit of Ryuichi Sakamoto here but that’s only because I know few Japaese artists. It’s a deeply contemplative piece and manages to step away from the neo-classical norms of too many of the piano-based tracks I receive. It focuses on a spot, a line or a rock and that act of focus delivers a sense of harmonious calm. Breathe.

Cartovvel Krabs are from the Netherlands. The track is Spitze. Taken from the Ich Liebe Salon album this is a lovely and chilled experience. The focus is on an interplay of guitar-like sounds that gently engage and disengage. It has a delightfully leftfield dimension from some backward sounds that keeps this away from your average chill playlist track. Rocking chair, not rocking out.

Album here

~ by acidted on October 12, 2018.

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