Saturday triple from Man & Wife, matthewthomas and DJ Kazo #deephouse #techno #electronic #idm

A triple selection or your Saturday morning that stretches from the deep house of Man & Wife, through the more IDM elements of matthewthomas and ending in the techno tending DJ Kazo.

Man & Wife first. From Germany they describe themeselves as “A Berlin-based electronic duo focused on exploring the different moods of 4am.” I don’t kknow aobut you but most of my 4am’s these days are either “Daddy, can you sort out my bed/clean the bed/get me a drink” and a lot less of the rave out in the wee small hours. Silent isn’t a John Cage blank piece but a rather chilled, slightly leftfield deep house affair. It’s not the life of the party but the come down of the after party. That woozy moment when the munchies kick in but the petrol station seems too far away and a little lie dow on the sofa seems the best option.

Available as a free download.

Next, matthewthomas from Chicago offering a downbeat IDM tune on narrow. This has a delightfully, slightly wheezy sense. It throbs with almost epic intent but can’t quite muster the energy required. A pitter patter of idm beats and a shimmer of synths is what you get. Almost defiantly lo-fi this is quite delightful.

Taken from the rick jagger ep (he really doesn’t like capital letters does young matthew)

Finally, DJ Koze from Latvia (but residing in Ireland) with the deity inducing God Like. This is a tight techno affair, with a bit of acid flash. A totally groovy track with all manner of divinity challenging samples. A fabulous four minutes of 90s style techno that totally knows how to hit the spot. A euphoria inducing affair that you don’t want to miss.


~ by acidted on October 13, 2018.

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